VTech Ltd.

A Bulgarian legal body, registered in Varna District Court on 15th of May 2007.
The company started it's operations on 1st of October 2007.

VTech Ltd. is an R&D laboratory and OEM manufacturer, a real successor of over 2 years fruitfull cooperation between Canadian company SUBCOE and The Technical University of Varna with main goal development of high-tech and high quality electronic equipment for the oilfield industry. With wealth of in-house experience we are able to offer our clients electrical systems engineering, software engineering, support and maintenance of the engineered devices and application software. VTech is able to offer the best quality products as opposed to offering those of one manufacturer.

By strategically working together with the Canadian company SUBCOE, VTech is capable of supplying advanced technology for the enhancement of oil recovery techniques. We are dedicated to the best application of existing and new technology to improve the equipment available to our customers.

By maintaining a strong information base, VTech is able to cross seed concepts and ideas to help solve seemingly insolvable problems. Individual clients are joined through us to a growing international oil producing community, in which each one can benefit both themselves and others. Project management is performed by in house engineers and specialist consultants, a combination that offers a complete technical and operational base. Our engineers ensure that the best interests of our clients are always maintained at the forefront of all projects.



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